AWS Lambda

I’ve been really vibing with the AWS Lambda + API Gateway combo a lot lately. If you don’t know about AWS Lambda, you really should check it out. It’s an event-driven, server-less compute system. Which is great for simple task based operations like handling a sign-up form, or resizing a user-uploaded image.

One problem I ran into was that out-of-the-box, Lambda doesn’t seem to completely handle multipart/form-data. So, of course, I wrote a very basic library today for doing just this. A big thanks to @myshenin for the tip on the API Gateway settings.

Checkout the source on GitHub:

Here’s a basic example:

First install the library using NPM

npm install -S lambda-multipart

Now, we can parse the incoming multipart request from API Gateway Proxy in our Lambda function. Huzzah! 🎉

var Multipart = require('lambda-multipart');

exports.handler = function(event, context, callback){

 //pass the event
 var parser = new Multipart(event);
 //or pass custom body/headers
 //var parser = new Multipart({headers:customHeaders, body:customBody});

 //emitted for each field detected
 parser.on('field',function(key, value){
   console.log('received field', key, value);
 //emitted for each file/part detected
 //or wait until everything is done...
   //result.files (array of file streams)
   //result.fields (object of field key/values)